This Unique Chocolate Brown Siberian Husky Is One of the Most Beautiful Dogs on Social Media

This unique creature is SeQuoi Tenk (also known as Quoi), a stunning chocolate-brown Siberian Husky. With his bright blue eyes and odd coloration, he may be mistaken for a wild wolf, yet he’s 100% Siberian Husky.

His wolf-like look, on the other hand, complements his nomadic existence. He and his mother, Nikki, are presently searching for a new home in the lower 48 states of the United States. Quoi is seen exploring the gorgeous environment of the United States, which Nikki captures on Instagram. In just eight months, he’s attracted over 22,000 followers, which is unsurprising.

SeQuoi Tenk may appear to be a strange name, yet it has significance. “His first name, SeQuoi,” Nikki explains to My Modern Met, is named after a sequoia tree.

“They believe a name shapes a person’s personality, and I wanted him to be as enormous, towering, and powerful as a sequoia tree.” “Tenko is Japanese for ‘heavenly fox,’ and as strong as I wanted him to be, I also wanted him to be charming, which he is!” she says.

Except for a cute white spot on his chest, Quoi is almost entirely brown. Due to the rarity of all-brown huskies, it’s no wonder that Quoi draws a lot of attention. “Everywhere we go, people stop in their tracks to pet him,” Nikki says. “At least three–five strangers have questioned me, ‘What is he?’ and no one believes me when I say ‘Siberian Husky,’ but he is AKC certified and 100% Siberian Husky.”

Nikki originally intended to adopt an older dog, but she struggled to be accepted by the animal sanctuary she contacted since she doesn’t have a permanent home. “Getting a puppy was my only option for getting a dog,” she explains. “He wasn’t the dog I was looking for, but he was precisely what I needed. “Attitude and humor abound.”

He’s currently traveling the United States with his nomad mom, Nikki.

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This Unique Chocolate Brown Siberian Husky Is One of the Most Beautiful Dogs on Social Media
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