Family Refuses To Leave Their Elderly Dog When Crossing Ukrainian Border

There is lots of going on in the world now. People have really very difficult period these years. Ukraine people
are also havivng terrible situation in their country.

Ukraine’s people are suffering tremendously as a result of a conflict between him and Russia.   Every day, several reports emerge from this war-torn country; some are heartbreaking, while others are uplifting. One such case involves a woman who recently departed Ukraine.

She expressed how much she left behind but refused to part with her aging beloved dog. She crossed the border with her dog. Her name is Alisa , 35 years old, and she tells about her story.

She worked as a programmer for a German firm and had the opportunity to relocate from Kyiv to Poland. The issue was getting to the border, which was a difficult effort in itself. She traveled for 16 years with her mother, sister, their husbands, four children, and an aging German dog in a single car.

There was a rush of cars as they left the village to get to the border, so they had to leave the car and walk the last 10 miles in the cold. Alisa stated that the last leg of the voyage was really challenging for her 12-and-a-half-year-old dog.

The dog found walking tough and fell down every few kilometers, unable to get back up. Alias said that she approached passing automobiles and requested for assistance, but that everyone refused and told her to leave the dog. She, on the other hand, declined since her dog was her family. Alisa just lost her father, and she is now forced to leave her home.

As a result, she was hesitant to leave her dog there. She went on to say that their dogs are like family to them, and that her dog has shared all of their joyful and bad moments with them. Alisa’s husband was shown carrying the German Shepherd over his shoulder in one of the images.

When they arrived at the border, they were taken into a packed tent, where she received the terrible news that her husband was not permitted to enter because of his age and the mobilization order. He was returned to his village. There are several accounts of people standing up against injustice. Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Ukraine.

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Family Refuses To Leave Their Elderly Dog When Crossing Ukrainian Border
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