Video of A Kind Boy Who Gives Free Hugs To Stray Dogs Every Day

Animals need also love and devotion as we people do. They want to be loved. If you love and take care of them, they
will be love you much more. Here is a story about kind boy who gives a little joy to stray dogs every day.

Ibrahim observed a couple of stray dogs resting in the morning sun on his walk to school in Grozny, Chechnya, the other day. He might simply have ignored the dogs and continued on his way.

Instead, he came to  offer them a lovely hug, which he freely gave them, presuming no one was seeing.

However, someone in a nearby building clearly saw Ibrahim from their window and shot film of the boy’s spontaneous gesture of kindness:

Strangers and friends alike applauded Ibrahim’s actions.

“I had a look at the video. “That’s Ibrahim,” Katerina, an Ibrahim family friend, told, adding that the scene shows his compassion. “He takes my kid to school and helps her with her backpack.” He’s an amazing young boy.”

He would surely agree with the dogs he embraced that day, as well as all the others he’s hugged behind his back.
His video was posted on social media and quickly went viral. Watch video below!

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Video of A Kind Boy Who Gives Free Hugs To Stray Dogs Every Day
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