Shannon, Wildlife Photographer Has Gone Through Lots of Things! Tap The Link To Read More

It’s a battle between the animals and the beauty! — by going into the picture with them. One lady maintained a logbook of the creatures she saw over the year.

Shannon Wild, a 36-year-old South African, has had an eventful life. On safari, she went hand in hand with an elephant and even had her face licked by a leopard.

Although some of the smaller animals created havoc by climbing all over her camera equipment, the photographs demonstrate how near some of her subjects were ready to come when permitted to approach.

Shannon, a wildlife photographer, loves and enjoys the outdoors, but she’s had a few injuries along the way.

Shannon has had a close encounter with the outback, ranging from being pursued by an elephant to being mauled by a cheetah.

“I’m a huge animal lover who likes to take as many pictures of them as possible.”

“Working with animals after they’ve gone too far has left me with a lot of wounds and experiences.”

“I’ve been bitten by a cdog, charged by an elephant, lions, and buffalo, bitten many times by snakes and lizards, and bitten in the face by a dog, but that doesn’t deter me.”

“I don’t believe you should be a chef if you don’t want to get burned by hot food, and wildlife photography is the same.”

“I like each encounter, and although I’m typically calm in most situations, particularly while pursuing a lion on foot, it’s great to know that nothing will hurt me.”

“However, there are always risks associated with animals, and I interact with all of them – not just the adorable and fluffy ones.”

“However, even the bad news serves as a reminder of how fantastic my profession is and how lucky I am to have it.”

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Shannon, Wildlife Photographer Has Gone Through Lots of Things! Tap The Link To Read More
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