Two Policemen Put Their Life On Risk To Rescue A Dog From A Frozen Reservoir

Dog rescuers’ passion is quite remarkable. Those who are willing to put their lives on the line, on the other hand, are really amazing.

Today, we’ll look at the case of two Spanish cops who were ready to battle the weather in order to save the life of a puppy. They went out of their way to help a dog in distress, despite the frigid water temperature.

Fortunately, the rescue was completed quickly. Everything was caught on camera.

Events took a turn for the worst for the tiny dog after a pleasant stroll around the park. According to witnesses, the dog was pursuing a duck, which led him to fall through the thin layer of ice.

The event occurred in a frozen reservoir in northern Spain, namely in Canfranc, Aragón Valley. Unfortunately, the pup was unable to return to firm ground since the ice underneath him had broken.

The dog eventually became angry. He had been stuck in the frigid water for hours and was in danger.

After observing the dog, the two officers did not hesitate to rush to his aid. They stripped off their uniforms and plunged into the water.

Because of the bitter weather, it was evident that it wasn’t easy. Fortunately, the dog recognized that the two officers were there to assist him and swam toward them.

As a result, the other officer was able to grasp him and rescue him. Let’s look at the rescue situation.
The police officers were unable to approach the puppy due to the ice.
It was a quick yet difficult rescue.

The rescue took about a minute, as you can see in the video. The second police officer was also able to immediately seize him and transport him to safety owing to the dog’s help.

They were finally able to rescue the unfortunate doggo.

In the video below, you can see the rescue effort in action.

Even though it was freezing, the cops undressed down to their underwear so that they could easily rescue the dog. The rescue effort was a hit on the internet, with over 20,000 views.

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Two Policemen Put Their Life On Risk To Rescue A Dog From A Frozen Reservoir
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