Woman Found Wounded Dog And Carried Him For An Hour In Search of Assistance

Andi Davis was hiking in the secluded rocky hills of Phoenix, Arizona, when she stumbled across a 2-year-old Pit Bull that had been wounded numerous times and was bleeding heavily. She was taken aback when she discovered he had many bu.l.l.e.t. wounds.

Andi gave him some water, but she knew he was on the point of passing out. So she grabbed him in her arms and sped down the mountain. She walked for an hour with the 47-pound dog in her arms, praying without hope that he would live.

The Pit Bull was sent to the Arizona Humane Society for treatment. The veterinarians treated the dog’s stomach wound and removed g.u.n.s.h.o.t.  pieces from his neck and spinal cord. Andi remained at his side, motivating him to fight back and live.

Thanks to this kind woman, Pit Bull survived and was given a second chance. Andi claims that Elijah was named after the prophet Elijah. He got soon healthy as he was lavished in love and care in his new home, so she decided to bring him home with her.

Elijah is now closest friends with Andi’s 10-year-old daughter Jessi, as well as the rest of the family’s four dogs. Thank you for not giving up on me, Andi. What an inspiring story of survival!