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Unfortunately, in countries like Spain, when pups are unwanted, individuals often rid of them in cruel ways rather than seeking help from a shelter. ilovemydogsomuch writes

Jordan was one of the pups who was left by his owners.

Her mother’s owner, a hunter, didn’t want her and her brothers when they were born. He then attempted to get rid of them by hitting them in the head. Jordan survived but unfortunately  his siblings didn’t.

She not only survived, but she was also discovered before it was too late.

Something wasn’t right when rescuers brought her in. Her back legs were weak, and she was pulling herself along.

That’s when they requested the help of Viktor Larkhill and his crew of rescuers. They agreed to take her in and transported her to an animal hospital for a CT scan.

That’s when they discovered Jordan had suffered brain damage as a result of the fatal hit to her head.

Jordan, on the other hand, would be free to live a regular life. Despite the fact that she would never be able to walk, she could still play and do everything else a dog could.

Jordan is still enjoying her life to the fullest five years later. She is as joyful as can be, running about with other dogs in her wheelchair.

In the video below, you can see her journey: