SHOCK! Man Rescued a Wild Crocodile and Now He Swims with Him Almost Every Day

Approaching dark, crocodile-infested waters is just about everyone’s worst dread. This is something Chito, a Costa Rican fisherman, performs of his own will, deep in the Costa Rican forest.

He was walking to the water’s edge one day when he discovered a crocodile trapped after being s.h.o.t in the face by a  farmer. Chito realized he wanted to do something to aid the beast who was in excruciating agony as he was slowly passing away.

When it comes to human compassion toward wild creatures, though, what Chito did to aid the crocodile goes above and beyond anything we’ve ever seen. When you realize that crocodiles are the most deadly and violent animals on the world, his acts border on the insane when you first hear about them!

He planned to transport the gigantic crocodile to his house on his little fishing boat. The croc was then nursed back to health by Chito, who even slept by his side as he began to recover. Pocho was the name he chose for the crocodile. Chito recounts the story as follows:

“During Pocho’s illness, I remained at his side and slept next to him at night. I simply wanted him to know that he was loved, that not everyone is terrible. It required a great deal of self-sacrifice. Every day, I had to be there. I like all animals, particularly those that have been through a lot.”

Chito thought it was time to send Pocho back into the wild after months of care. He drove him to a nearby lake and tossed him into the water. He realized that calling Pocho’s name will cause the croc to swim towards him.

Chito then spent months observing Pocho’s habits before deciding to join the crocodile in the water. Pocho eventually let Chito touch him and even play in the water with him. Now, as you can see from this stunning video footage, the two are like best friends, and their confidence in one another is obvious to everybody.

But, more importantly, what does this story show us? Well, it demonstrates the level of attachment that may exist between a man and a monster regarded as one of the deadliest in the world. Pocho has never injured Chito or even sought to strike out at him throughout their more than twenty-year relationship.

With a story like this, we have to leave the last words to Chito, the guy who rescued the life of a creature the great majority of us would dismiss as undeserving of a second chance:

“He’s my best friend.” I don’t want to mistreat him . I’m pleased because I saved him, and he’s pleased because he has everything he needs.”

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SHOCK! Man Rescued a Wild Crocodile and Now He Swims with Him Almost Every Day
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