A woman with her service dog was asked to leave the plane, but not for the reason you might think

Planes are postponed from taking off for a variety of reasons. It might be because of severe weather, a runway back-up, or – most uncomfortably – a rowdy passenger. Kristen Wiley just went through this on a flight, but not because you might think.

Kristen and the other passengers on Alaska Airlines Flight # 748 were preparing to take off when the flight crew received a notification about a person seated in front of them.

The passenger was neither drunk nor furious. She wasn’t being annoying or loud. She was really hugging her adorable emotional support dog when an Alaska Airlines crew member approached her.

Kristen took a snapshot and posted the following on Facebook:

“We’re now aboard an aircraft with a 45-minute delay.” Why? because there is an old lady with dementia who is unhappy and confused.

“Alaska Airlines’ outstanding personnel are being really patient and kind in what can only be a very terrifying scenario for her.”

“She explained every step, cuddled her dog, and collaborated with her husband or caregiver to find the best solution.” In short, the whole team is incredibly kind. This is how I would want my mother, sister, aunt, daughter, niece, and friend to be cared for. ”

The airline staff also came up with a solution that didn’t make the family upset or add extra time to the trip.

“Alaska Airlines quietly transported the lady, her husband/caregiver, and their lovely pooch off the aircraft, offering hotel and transportation with plans to recuperate and try again the next day,” Kristen wrote. “Once again, both of them were treated with a lot of kindness while other passengers were quietly told what was going on.”

Kristen complimented the airline for “providing first-class service to every guest,” particularly because this elderly lady required special attention. She was also pleased to inform her that the elderly woman’s daughter contacted her as a result of her Facebook post and verified that her mother and father arrived safely.

It’s not every day that you witness such kindness and consideration, so it’s no surprise Kristen’s message went viral. If you agree, please share Kristen’s story with your friends.


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A woman with her service dog was asked to leave the plane, but not for the reason you might think
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