A PTSD-affected Veteran Receives an Early Christmas Present and Bursts Into Tears(VIDEO)

According to ilovemydogsomuch.com, Peter Coukoulis, a 26-year-old veteran from Tallahassee, Florida, was having trouble transitioning to civilian life.

He had joined the Marine Corps when he was 18 years old, and while located in a dangerous district of Afghanistan, he had seen the worst of mankind.

An IED detonation had claimed the lives of Peter’s military companions as well as his beloved bomb-detecting dog. The ex-soldier attempted all he could to go on with his life, but his heart was irrevocably damaged. Peter’s family was concerned since he had been suffering from depression and PTSD for the last three years.

Thankfully, Peter’s mother, Dena, understood just what to say to assist her son deal with his troubles. Peter had a Beagle friend as a child, but the dog had died while he was overseas at war, she recalled. So she made the decision to acquire him a Beagle puppy before Christmas and surprise him with a gift-wrapped puppy present!

In this sweet video, we observe Peter’s overjoyed response when he first meets the dog. He sobs and cuddles the puppy, who lavishes him with kisses. According to his family, the puppy was given the name “Willa” at the shelter because of her great determination to live in the face of danger! We wish Willa and Peter much pleasure in their future together!

Watch Peter’s heartfelt cries as he is surprised with a dog before Christmas in the video below!