Missing dog can’t stop crying after being reunited with his human dad

This is the heartbreaking moment a dog tearsfully reunites with its father after he has gone missing. Coco the dog has been missing for more than three months, but when his human buddy finally finds him, the reunion is breathtaking.

Coco, like any dog, was the family’s heart and joy, so the news that he’d gone missing devastated everyone. But it was Rustico Samson Jr. who suffered the most. He and the loving dog are close buddies.

Rustico Samson Jr.

“There was a lot of anguish and suffering,” Samson Jr. revealed to The Dodo. I sobbed because he is more than just a pet to me. He’s like family.

On the other hand, Samson Jr. and his family never gave up hope. They never gave up looking for Coco. Friends, neighbors, and even strangers pitched in to help them discover and return their furry buddy. For more than three months, the child circulated leaflets about his lost dog on the streets of the Philippines.

Rustico Samson Jr.

Thankfully, his perseverance paid off, as a dog matching Coco’s description was discovered in a parking garage after much anguish. When Samson Jr. heard about it, he went to the location, and thankfully, the rumors were correct. Coco was the dog that was observed there.

“I knew it was him right away when I saw a dog laying on the floor of the parking garage,” Samson Jr. remembers. “I was 100 percent certain it was Coco.”

Rustico Samson Jr.

What followed was a touching reunion. A demonstration that dogs and people can establish the strongest ties! “I was overwhelmed,” the youngster said. “I was overjoyed, and Coco, I’m sure, felt the same way. He was sobbing like a baby. ”

Rustico Samson Jr.

Coco was a bit underweight from traveling the streets for so many days, but otherwise healthy. But the most important thing is that he is once again home and secure with his family, who adores him! “Having a pet doesn’t matter whether you’re wealthy or poor, as long as you have a heart and treat them like family.” “You never lose when someone in your family dies,” Samson Jr. explains.

Watch the touching moment here: