After Spending Four Days In a Frozen River Island, “Miracle Dog” Is Finally Rescued

A young puppy, estimated to be about two years old, became lost in the middle of an ice river. His chances of living  were minimal, with frigid water all around him, no meal, refuge, or means of escape.

Fortunately, he was discovered in time and received a lot of attention. It just required the proper person to deliver the news. After his miracle rescue, the lucky dog was given the name Miracle.

Nobody knows how the puppy wound up there, but many believe he was fleeing predators. He spent four days on Mud Island, in the midst of the Detroit River, chasing eagles and coyotes and battling the cold. He even fell into a frigid river but was able to get himself out.

Finally, assistance came from across the border in Canada. J&J Marine Ltd.’s Jude Mead took to the water in his airboat. He arrived to Mud Island and discovered the puppy.

Kim Craig, a WXYZ reporter, commented, “I genuinely felt Miracle lingered on the open ice, waiting for someone to spot him.” “He was hungry, cold, and in need of assistance.” And he received it yesterday.”

But the tiny Miracle’s battle was far from ended. He had frostbites on his paws, was badly dehydrated, and had pancreatitis, according to Dr. Lucretia Greear of the Woodhaven Animal Hospital.

“I think the fact that he wasn’t groomed and his coat was battered saved him out there,” Lucretia explains. “He basically had a protective layer between him and the water and ice, and that kept him from freezing — but he’s a miracle.”

Miracle, thankfully, was on his path to a complete recovery after getting adequate treatment. Lucretia said, “It’s very wonderful.” “It wasn’t his time at all.” He’s a walking miracle.”

People began seeking for the owner after taking care of the sad animal. They couldn’t find his family since he didn’t have a collar or a microchip. Adopting him seemed like the next logical step.

The application procedure was aided by Friends of the River Rouge Animal Shelter. Many individuals wanted to adopt him, but the shelter officials opted to let his savior adopt him instead.

On the shelter’s Facebook page, the staff said, “Today the tiny Miracle dog… who overcame ALL THE ODDS will now live happily ever after with the guy who rescued his life.” “Miracle couldn’t have asked for a more perfect family to adore him!”

As one Facebook user put it, “Thank you to Miracle Himself for bringing so many people together and encouraging all of us to never lose up hope because there’s a fighting spirit in everyone of us, a Miracle in each of you.” And we couldn’t be more in agreement.

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After Spending Four Days In a Frozen River Island, “Miracle Dog” Is Finally Rescued
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