Rescuers Refused To Give Up Despite The Dog Was Trapped In a Deep Hole

Residents in Beykoz, Turkey, alerted officials after discovering a dog stuck in a tiny borehole.

The dog was said to have been down there for almost a week. He is now free and protected. Nobody knows how the dog was able to climb down the borehole.

The hole was around 200 feet (61 meters) deep and less than a foot in diameter.

They had to find out how they were supposed to get the puppy out of the group. They couldn’t simply send someone down that tiny of a hole. They were able to set up a pneumatic climate tent with a heating system to keep the puppy safe from the weather.

Food and water were lowered to him by an animal rescue group and firemen. The story reached the front pages of newspapers throughout the country. For ten days, teams struggled to pull the dog out.

Berat Albayrak, the country’s Energy Minister, sought assistance from a mining corporation. The company was able to bring the puppy out safely by lowering a motorized lasso into the hole.

When the puppy was eventually brought out, there were a slew of cameras on the scene! The firemen and animal rescue personnel all cheered!