Service Dog Helps Her Disabled Artist Mom To Do Everyday Tasks

A limitation should not prevent you from leading the life you wish to lead. There are several examples of disabled people doing the activities they like despite the limitations imposed by their condition.

Bracha Fischel, an Israeli artist, is one of these people.

As she grew older, Fischel acquired quadriplegia. Fischel’s illness prevents her from using her hands, but she hasn’t let that stop her.

In fact, she has continued to pursue her love for producing art with the support of her service dog, Donna.

Donna assists Fischel with various activities, such as opening doors and picking up items.

Best of all, Donna assists Fischel in finishing her work. Her loyal dog provides her mother whatever she needs.

“Donna puts brushes, pencils, and felt-tip pens in my mouth,” Fischel told The Dodo. “Everything I need to paint,” says the artist.

Eating is one of the most important things Donna does for Fischel.
The service dog is up to the job, using a specially designed spoon to ensure Fischel is properly fed. They have built a caring and trustworthy friendship as a result of their deep bond.

Fischel remarked, “She is presumably the first dog to learn to do this.”

You might almost argue Donna is as much a part of Fischel’s painting process as the artist herself. They work together to create wonderful pieces of art into the world.

Fischel said, “We are a good team.” “Without her, I wouldn’t be able to accomplish it.”

Every day, people like Fischel depend on their service dogs to assist them with a range of duties.

Persons with different impairments and handicaps, such as blind those, disabled veterans, and people with other physical and mental handicaps, are included. The list might go on forever.

Becoming suitable for a service animal

Many programs exist to match those who need the assistance of a service animal.

You may have one of these life-changing companions if you have documented evidence from a healthcare specialist confirming that you have an emotional or mental disease or impairment and need the aid of an animal.

More than just a service animal

Service animals, like Fischel and Donna, are often more than simply companions that assist you with everyday activities. They become a lifetime partner who loves and cares for the individual they are assisting.

Almost all of the time, the service animal appreciates the function they serve.

Fischel stated, “She does this with a lot of enthusiasm.”

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Service Dog Helps Her Disabled Artist Mom To Do Everyday Tasks
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