Dog who was left by her owners, chases the car and “asks” for help

Martina Russo and her companion Fil love traveling in their van , but they seldom see stray dogs. However, while driving through the Spanish area, they noticed a little dog chasing their automobile. They initially assumed the dog was just having fun. The further the dog ran, though, the more worried she appeared to be. As a result, the couple welcomed her inside and began looking for her owners.

Moxie is the new moniker for the Shih Tzu/Yorkie hybrid, and she’s here to stay. She finally found a house where she belonged after so many years. What a fortunate dog!

It didn’t take too long for the pair to see that something wasn’t quite right with Moxie when they first saw her. They were perplexed as to why she was rushing in the center of nowhere, as she refused to stop following the car. So they came to a halt to give her water, and she eagerly boarded their vehicle.

Martina and Fil searched high and low for Moxie’s relatives. They searched the neighborhood and even advertised online, but no one identified the dog. They finally returned her to the location where they had discovered her to see whether she would flee back home, but she just would like to be with them.

“The next day, we brought her to the doctor, and it turned out she wasn’t chipped, was female, maybe a year old, and her fur was quite overgrown and full of muck around her eyes,” Martina explained.

Because no one seemed to be seeking for Moxie, the pair decided to adopt her. After all, the puppy had made an immediate link with them, and they felt she would be content in their home.

Moxie now joins Martina and Fil as they travel around Europe with their pets to explore the sights. Moxie is an excellent travel companion since she is energetic and does not want to be separated from her humans.

“She’s nice and amusing, energetic, and she adores our cats – to be honest, she adores everything and everyone!” (This is especially true for cats and children). “We like bringing her on trips, and she never fails to make us laugh,” Martina added.

Moxie keeps up with her people despite her petite size and low stature. Even when she’s in the mountains, she enjoys going on walks. Moxie’s journey to Martina and Fil during a difficult moment in her life is incredible. She acted as though she already knew they’d be the ideal family for her, and she was correct!

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Dog who was left by her owners, chases the car and “asks” for help
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