The 3-year-old child and the rescue dog form an incredible friendship and they do everything together

The social media is filled with lovely photos of dogs and their adoring owners sharing a variety of images every day. There are several Instagram profiles dedicated to dogs and their owners having fun and doing everything together.

Others, on the other hand, want to match their clothes to their dogs. Then there’s the page with Reagan the labradoodle and his “Little Bff,” the family’s foster youngster, who do everything! Sandi Swiridoff, an Oregon native, adopted Reagan when he was just 11 months old.

Sandi was overjoyed that Reagan, a Labrador Retriever/Poodle mix, had developed an immediate connection with another 11-month-old: her adoptive grandchild.

Sandi said “There was an immediate closeness.” “They were in love from the beginning.”

The couple is attached and enjoys doing everything together, such as snuggling in bed, having pyjama gatherings, and hanging out by the lake. And the two of them have a strong sense of style, frequently wearing coordinating outfits or even costumes.

Sandi became so captivated with Regan and “Little Buddy” that she started the Reagandoodle Instagram profile to record their lovely relationship.

Her profile has risen to 125,000 followers in only two years. Sandi wants to offer a still-in-progress picture book on Reagan’s friendship with Little Buddy through her Etsy shop, thanks to the rising popularity.

The goal of the book is to raise awareness about the value of foster care. Foster Parents’ Night Out, a non-profit organization, will get 100% of the revenues.

She stated, “I think that it’s a story that has to be conveyed in addition to nice photos.” “The good they’ve been able to accomplish for each other and foster children all around the world.”