Snow Leopard cubs take their FIRST STEPS Outside!

The amur leopard babies at Hampshire’s Marwell Zoo in the United Kingdom have had a big week. Three 12-week-old kittens popped their fluffy heads out into the daylight for the very first time after months of living in a cave with their mother Irina.

According to the BBC,  a mother and two male babies have had their immunizations and have lately been approved to travel into a larger area. The cubs, according to zoo employees, already have a lot of personality.

“We’re particularly excited to see these babies enjoy their new habitat,” said Marc Fox, the carnivore team leader, to the BBC. “Watching them interact together is a lot of fun.”

The names of two of the adorable cubs have been chosen, but the zoo is seeking assistance in naming the third. The girl is named Animesh, which means ‘bright’ in Nepalese, while one of the boys is named Ariun, which means ‘pure’ in Mongolian.

The three babies are part of a global pet snow leopard community that is helping to save the species from extinction. According to the World Wildlife Fund, there may just be 4,000 remaining in the world.


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Snow Leopard cubs take their FIRST STEPS Outside!
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