Man drowns trying to save dogs from frozen lake! But things don’t go so well…

People’s devotion for their dogs is uncontrollable. They would go to any length for them, including risking their lives in certain situations to save their beloved ones. When a California guy attempted to save his dogs after they fell into a partially frozen lake, he did just that.

The incident happened on Thanksgiving day. David Schmidt, 39 years old, was out hiking with his 2 lovely dogs, Cheeno and Oreo. As they went along the shores of Lake Baron, they were joined by a friend’s dog.

The lake freezes over to the level where you can do skating on it. On that fatal day, though, the ice was not nearly thick enough.
On that fatal day, though, the ice was not nearly thick enough.

The dogs fell in when Schmidt and the dogs walked along the lake’s shore.

Schmidt, who adored his dogs very much, attempted to rescue them. Tragic events occurred at this place. Schmidt drowned in the end.

Rescuers have arrived.

His dogs continued to stay above water until they were discovered by Lake Valley Fire Department firefighters who had come on the spot in response to a call somebody had drowned at the lake.

Lake Valley Fire Capt. Perry Quinn told FOX40 News, “When we arrived there, we made our way to the bottom of the lake and noticed the  dogs in the water.”
The dogs were rescued from the icy water in a safe manner.


Rescuers went into the water using safety gear and were able to retrieve the two dogs that had fallen in out.

Quinn stated, “It’s remarkable how strong dogs can be.” “We don’t know how long they were in the water, but it’s possible they were in there for an hour or more.” When we arrived, they were still alive and paddling.”

The hunt for Schmidt has begun.

They also discovered a man’s ski suit floating in the water and began looking for the dogs’ owner right away.

The El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office, which had also answered the call, and other rescue crews quickly started looking for Schmidt.

The El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office claimed that the “EDSO Dive Team, together with Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Boat Team, Lake Valley Fire, South Lake Tahoe Fire, and EDSO Search and Rescue continued to search the lake the next day.”
Schmidt’s body has been discovered.

Schmidt’s body was discovered and his family was informed. All indications suggested that the drowning was unintentional. The canines were transported to a nearby veterinarian for treatment before being reunited with their owners.

Schmidt’s loss serves as a reminder that mountaineering should never be done alone. Most essential, do not try a self-rescue of a pet that has become submerged. Instead, contact your local authorities, who are more equipped to handle such situations.

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Man drowns trying to save dogs from frozen lake! But things don’t go so well…
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