So cute! During a thunderstorm, a police officer shares his umbrella with some stray dogs

Many animals, especially stray animals that don’t have a safe haven in a pleasant home, are terrified by the sound of thunder and  rain.

They’re trapped on the freezing streets with nothing except their fur coats soaked by the rain. It’s a painful sight to witness. Luckily, many kind people are still eager to aid these sad creatures by providing shelter during rainstorms.

Rain storms have filled the streets of Kolkata, India, during the last several days, causing humans and animals to seek refuge from the storm. On Saturday, a police officer called Constable Tarun Kumar Mandal was stopping traffic on a major highway when he was joined by some unexpected visitors. Two soaked stray dogs went to him and took up residence beneath his umbrella.

Mandal believed it was only right for him to assist the freezing dogs when he saw them. He continued to control traffic while sharing his enormous umbrella with them. A passerby took a snapshot of the generous act and shared it on social media, where it quickly went viral and won everyone’s hearts.

Everyone was enthralled by the officer’s “unexpected companions” while he performed his duties. The image was shared on Twitter by Kolkata Police, who dubbed it “Moment of the Day.” And the two joyful street dogs seemed content after finding a safe haven to rest throughout the storm. The expressions on their faces say it all.

India has one of the world’s highest stray populations. According to A Dogs Love, there are around 35-40 million stray dogs in the United States. Although there is still a long way to go in helping these creatures, the Kolkata police go far beyond call of duty to assist animals in distress or simply provide them with a place to relax.

Have you been affected by this officer’s kindness? You may always assist stray animals by contacting your local animal shelter. There are many creatures who require your assistance and support. Help additional animals in need by sharing this post with your friends.

Source: Facebook/Sayan Chakraborty

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So cute! During a thunderstorm, a police officer shares his umbrella with some stray dogs
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