Without giving up, the injured dog returned to seek assistance from people

Jane resides in the countryside, and stray dogs are frequent in their neighborhood. Apparently, it is the townfolk that bring loud pets here, or perhaps the dogs themselves approach strangers in the hopes of receiving at least a few meal.

When a new dog emerged in the hamlet, the boiler house personnel started to feed him.

Alice the dog was a sweetheart who enjoyed playing with kids and never bit them. Despite this, she was always there to defend the community from visitors and obviously drunk individuals.

So the number of stray dogs in the community does not rise, Alice underwent a sterilization treatment when she fully matured.

All of the people knew and adored Alice.

The dog stayed in Jane’s front door during the chilly season. She didn’t get in the way of anyone, but rather maintained order.

So 1 year has passed and one day  Alice was bitten by dogs in the neighborhood. The dog, on the other hand, did not hesitate. She summoned the courage to reach Jane’s house and scraped at the door. The girl took the puppy to the vet and then brought it home for the rest of the treatments. Alice’s life returned to normal after her recuperation.

Jane was treating Alice’s wounded paw a few months later. After this period the girl made the decision to keep the dog with her for the rest of her life. Alice’s new mom quickly noticed how smart and kind she is. She was so extraordinary, that could make friends to her owner’s another pet . Now she is their family member
and luckily will live there for years!

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Without giving up, the injured dog returned to seek assistance from people
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