A retired police dog cries when he sees his former handler!

There is no disputing that dogs are extremely loyal. They remember the person who looked after them. A retired working dog and his former handler have formed an endearing bond.

WangWang, a German Shepherd, he served In the Xichuan district of central China’s Henan Province, as a sniffer dog at a check point.

The dog was given a lifelong home once he retired. It was a sign that he was about to break up with his manager.

He just met his handler, Matan, a police officer. His handler was patrolling the neighborhood near WangWang’s home when he decided to offer his animal companion a gift.

Matan stood in front of WangWang’s residence, calling out his name. WangWang got out quickly and went to see his previous handler since he recognized his former handler’s voice.

WangWang’s feelings were out of control. When he saw his previous handler, he licked his handler’s feet and shed tears of pleasure. He didn’t want him to leave, so he stayed by his handler’s side.

The footage of the reunion was released on the internet, and it captivated the hearts of the internet users. WangWang’s hair had whitened, but he was well nourished and gaining weight, according to the report.

Some onlookers were confused as to why WangWang was not permitted to remain with his handler, given their strong attachment.

Xichuan Police answered that while police dogs are normally well-fed in training centers, officers are unable to devote time to playing with or training their retired pets. As a result, it was preferable for the retired dogs to be placed with an appropriate family rather than being kept in a training facility.

Their relationship demonstrated that dogs are unquestionably devoted pets that adore their owners.

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A retired police dog cries when he sees his former handler!
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