Touching video! A careful veterinarian hugs a scared and crying puppy like a baby to calm her down

Meesha, a little dog, was terrified and anxious. She’d recently had a treatment and was afraid of the strange feelings her body was undergoing. Little Meesha began to moan and wail as the anesthetic began to wear off. She had no idea she was in extremely capable hands.

The staff at Baltimore’s BARCS Animal Shelter is extraordinarily kind and compassionate. The shelter’s caregivers and veterinarians are among the best in the world, and all creatures that reach here,¬†receive excellent care.

BARCS spays and neuters animals that enter its system in order to help the stray animal problem. At the same time, they go out to the community to assist each animal in finding a permanent home.

Little Meesha was one among the animals that had this procedure. She was unaware of this while under the care of a kind shelter staff. Meesha, on the other hand, had nothing to be concerned about.

Dennis Moses, a surgical assistant, took up Meesha and started comforting her as soon as he heard the puppy whimper. Luckily, an eyewitness got to capture this incredible occurrence on film.

Here’s a video of Surgical Assistant Dennis Moses carrying Meesha, a terrified and sobbing rescue dog, like a baby after surgery.

Meesha is showered with kisses by the doctors to help her relax and overcome her concerns. He calms her down by rocking her ¬†and it’s wonderful.

Take a look at the video below!