A poor dog is comforted by a stray cat while waiting for his owners to come back

The former owners left the dog after relocating to new apartment where dogs are probably forbidden, according to eyewitnesses.

The dog did not leave the doorway where he and his owners were staying.  It’s understandable, since  dogs don’t believe in betrayal. Luckily, there are still kind people who feed him and give him some water.

The dog already has a bestfriend in his life with whom he does everything: they play, eat and even sleeps at the entry together.

Residents of the entranceway state that their connection is extraordinary, and that they are as close as only true friends can be. People were moved by the situation of the animals on the point of being homeless, and they decided to bring them to a vet to find them forever home.

First they got the cat, and then the intelligent dog ran, scared of the traps.

But, as everyone predicted, he returned to his comrade’s aid after a time, and they didn’t even bother searching for him in the area since they knew the dog would not leave his buddy.

They were captured and taken to the veterinary clinic, where it was revealed that they were in good health.

Animals are afraid of new places, yet they keep helping one another. We’re hopeful they’ll soon find a new home with caring people.