The best trend we’ve ever seen! Kiss your dog on the head and record its reaction

Those who have pets, know how adorable they are.

They are devoted and caring family members, and it’s uncommon to hear someone say “I dislike dogs.”

Dogs are amazing! They make our day, if we are sad, take care of us and they love us very much.

When they begin to interact with their people, they experience “cuteness overload.”

That will be demonstrated by these cute pups.

People’s hearts are melting because to a new trend dubbed “Kiss Your Dog On The Head.”

The trend is really funny! A curious dog owner tries to capture their dog’s response after an unexpected kiss on the head.

These dogs have never failed to amaze millions of people across the world durign this famous trend.

Some pet owners received exactly what they hoped, and some even didn’t expect such a response.

Be prepared to have your heart melted  by these adorable pets.

I’ll kiss you back if you kiss me.

The owner of this adorable cutie kissed his doggie without hesitation, which surprised the dog. It seemed puzzled at first, staring at the human, before doing the most wonderful thing in the world…

It returned the kiss to its owner.

I’m not sure what would have touched you more than that nice gesture.

Even the most ferocious-looking canines are powerless against a human kiss.

Let’s take a look at this one. At first, he appeared serious, but the dog was helpless in the face of the warm kiss.

The most adorable puppy youll’ ever see!
This woman is a really blessed pet owner! This dog just gave her the most adorable reaction!

What about the sincerity of the look and the following lean-in?

Dogs are one of the loveliest animals on the planet.

Don’t we all like kissing before going to bed? It might be from our parents and loved ones.

It turns out that dogs enjoy it as well! Look at the doggo; as soon as mom human kissed him to say goodbye, it went “night-night.”

Give me another kiss, please!

This dog is irritated by the fact that he does not receive enough cuddles from his owner. It couldn’t capture Dad’s attention with just one kiss, so it pawed his leg.

If we try to explain his reaction it says, “Hey, dad!” You’ve got to be joking, right? “Just one kiss?”

Here is another example of this trend!

Not everyone receives the response they’re hoping for. Sometimes a dog is simply not in the mood or is having a bad day; perhaps there aren’t enough treats?

After giving her fuzzy pup a loving kiss, one pet owner got just a smile.

It’s a smile that can make anyone’s day better.
We already know that dogs adore human kisses, but what happens when a dog kisses a person?

Watch the rest of the dogs’ reactions  in the video below.

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The best trend we’ve ever seen! Kiss your dog on the head and record its reaction
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