A family sets up a camera and finds out what their dog does outside when no one is at home

Cameras captured what this dog does, when there is no one at home.

This cute dog’s name is Hamilton, and every time there is no one there, he’s having the time of his life.

Hamilton’s parents just put a Ring security camera in their yard to record video of him when he is left alone. And, well, it looks like things are about to become wet and crazy.

Hamilton’s mother, Mary, noted that “water has always been his lovely thing.” “We were intrigued as to what he would do if he had the swimming pool to himself.”

Following her analysis of the camera video, she observed:

Hamilton was having a pool party at the time. Despite the fact that he was the only one in attendance, Hamilton appeared unconcerned.

His family is just overjoyed that his good time was filmed.

“These memories astound me,” Mary said. “I smile every time I see it.”