A sad dog returns to the same place every day and stays there for hours

This 3-legged rescue dog has an outstanding human characteristic. He understands how to grieve for his buddies if one of them passes away and crosses the rainbow bridge.

This dog resides in Mineral Bluff, Georgia, at an animal refuge.

Lester Aradi, the owner, claims that the animals all have a “feeling of loss” that they must go through. They’re just like us when we lose someone.

Tricycle, the Golden Retriever, has been known to lament the loss of his animal companions at the Horse Creek Stable Rescue Sanctuary.

It all began four years ago.

Major, a rescued St. Bernard-mastiff mix, arrived at the farm with significant back difficulties caused by m.i.s.t.r.e.atment. The unfortunate puppy had lost his ability to walk.

Despite his terrible state, Major made friends with Tricycle.

After Major died, Lester and his wife, Diane, buried the dog in a temporary grave on the property.

Tricycle was with them, but it wasn’t until the following day that the couple discovered how sad their dog was at the loss of their friend.

When the couple awoke the following morning and walked out to the yard, they saw Tricycle on the Major’s grave.

“It moved us so profoundly that we shared photos on Facebook,” Lester said.

Tricycle would come inside when necessary, but he would still go to the cemetery and sleep on it when he returned. The dog would be in mourning for around three days.

“Normally, he spends the day resting in the cemetery until he returns home at night,” Lester said.

This story is similar to a book about tricycles. On the farm, he lives alongside other animals with specific requirements. We’re talking about horses, goats, alpacas, llamas, and a variety of other canines that need special attention.

And lately, another of his pals passed away. Trixie is a 21-year-old alpaca.

Tricycle was resting on his friend’s grave. Diane, the proprietor of Horse Creek Stable Rescue Sanctuary, discovered him.

As terrible as it was to witness Tricycle grieve over his loved ones, it made one ponder. Some animals possess the same emotional ability as humans.

Tricycle feels passionately and mourns the loss of his companions.

“Every creature that has crossed the Rainbow Bridge has been buried on our farm, so their souls may dwell on where they spent their last years,” Lester said.

A circle of stones marks the graves of cats and dogs. Fruit trees are put in the larger graves to “perpetuate the cycle of life.”

Visitors are permitted to harvest apples, cherries, and pears when those trees bear fruit.

It’s how they remember their long-gone buddies. And it serves as a great reminder of how fleeting life is for them.

It’s heartbreaking to lose a buddy. It also takes a long time to recover and move on. Tricycle’s heart is burdened down by the pain of losing his pals, much like ours.

This lovely puppy is deserving of all the love and attention in the world.

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A sad dog returns to the same place every day and stays there for hours
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