A passerby heard a distressed cry coming from the sewer, and when he came to find out what it was, he was taken aback

After being stranded at the bottom of a sewer, a senior dog was rescued thanks to the individual who heard her screams of agony and the volunteers, police officers, and firefighters who helped.

The animal was reunited with its family after being rescued.

According to Daily Paws, firemen, associations, and police enforcement worked together in California to save an old dog caught in the sewers.

The rescue took place in San Marcos, California. A stranger had heard a Chihuahua’s distressed barking from beneath the asphalt that day.

According to Daily Paws, she was in this condition because of her lack of vision.

The dog might finally find hope after reacting to the name Cici, thanks to the witness who alerted the emergency workers. They came on the scene promptly.

The San Diego Humane Society, the San Diego County Sheriff’s Office, and the San Marcos Fire Department collaborated to build a rescue structure around the sewer.

After that, one of the firefighters dropped into the tube and evolved across a distance of more than 4 meters before emerging with the dog in his arms. Cici had arrived safely.