A lady discovered a dog chained to a fire hydrant with a bag and a note inside it

When Kylie Engelhardt saw a left puppy in Green Bay, Wisconsin, she was heartbroken. The tiny dog was attached to a fire hydrant with a rucksack and a message. So, even though Engelhardt knew that the dog’s family was unlikely to return, she tried to stay positive.

Engelhardt was positive the dog had been left after spending some time with it. The local humane organization welcomes all surrendered pets, so it’s a shame to see someone leave their pet in such a careless manner. The dog, however, is now on the road to a new life owing to Engelhardt’s generosity.

Engelhardt was strolling down the street when she came across a left puppy. The dog was dropped off with a backpack stuffed with dog food, treats, and toys. Her owners were likewise unable to retain her, according to the message. The dog’s name is “Baby Girl,” according to the message. Engelhardt photographed the sad dog and posted it on Facebook.

“On the corner of E Walnut and Clay, turn left.” I’m calling the cops, but does anyone know me?” Engelhardt had written. “I can’t believe someone did that!”

She waited with the dog for an hour after uploading the images, hoping for anyone to return. While she phoned authorities, she kept the dog warm and calmed her. When the owners failed to return, she took Baby Girl to the Wisconsin Humane Society’s Green Bay campus. The shelter quickly and happily welcomed the doggy.

Baby Girl is already in the humane current societal care, but she’s been placed on a stray hold until her humans arrive to claim her. The humane society is also following up on leads to determine who left her. Staff members are devastated that someone would leave a dog in this manner, especially since the shelter waives surrender costs and accepts anonymous surrenders.

“We work hard to ensure that surrender costs are not an obstacle for people who need to comfort their pets, and while we prefer to schedule surrender appointments ahead of time, we do accept urgent surrenders if required.” The Wisconsin Humane Society said, “It’s important to us that the community knows that we’re a supportive, welcoming resource for those who need help.”

Baby Girl is roughly six years old and weighs 23 pounds. She’ll be placed up for adoption when the stray hold period expires, giving her a chance at a better life. Many people have voiced interest in her on Facebook, so she will almost certainly find a loving home soon! You may learn more about her and other adoptive animals by going to the humane society’s website.

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A lady discovered a dog chained to a fire hydrant with a bag and a note inside it
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