You won’t believe it! The soccer game was called off because of this dog

It’s widely known that pets are not permitted inside football stadiums. You can’t even bring your dogs or cats to a football game, let alone allow them to join the players, no matter how much you adore them. To make things even better, he quickly went viral when he showed up on the football field at a stadium in the city of Potos in Bolivia.

With a soccer cup in his mouth, the lively boy was seen watching the match between The Strongest and Nacional Potos; the lively boy appeared thrilled as he went about, cheerfully waving his tail and then passionately devouring the cup.

For 3 minutes in a row, the dog stole the show. The home group’s central midfielder, Ral Castro (also known as “Chacha” and “El Comandante”), was not brought off the pitch until play was paused for a few seconds by the referee.

Despite the fact that his performance was brief, it was enough to win the hearts of all the players and numerous admirers throughout the world. Because The Strongest won 3-0 that day, this dog may be a lucky symbol.

However, the narrative did not finish there. Two days later, the famed doggo was seen on the streets in bad shape, having been struck by a car. Fortunately, Cachito was subsequently placed in a shelter in Chasquipampa, La Paz, where he was reunited with an old buddy.

According to Ral, the athlete was going through several procedures when he noticed a familiar figure out of the corner.

Ral quickly agreed to pay a deposit for the dog’s medical care after establishing that it was actually Cachito, the troublemaker he had met two days prior, and vowed to come back to adopt it after he completed his next match, which he did.

The good person also preserved the name “Cachito,” which was given to him by the two-year-old dog’s followers.

Cachito has a wonderful owner because of his boldness and cheerful demeanor. Isn’t it fantastic? Share his touching tale with everyone you care about.

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You won’t believe it! The soccer game was called off because of this dog
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