K9 enjoys dressing up for every holiday occasion

K9 officers are as much a member of the police force as any other officer. They have the same rights as everyone else and can even quit when the time comes. They also undergo specialized training in order to perform their duties, which include serving and protecting individuals in their community.

When it came time to take pics for his ID, a K9 named Chico went above and beyond for his department.

Chico the K9 and his handler are the closest of friends.

Chico is a loyal K9 that serves with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department in Florida. Corporal Robert Lees is his handler, and the pair have become great friends over their time together.

Chico wanted to try something new with his official portrait.

Chico usually wears a modest K9 vest while actively helping defend him from danger. Chico, on the other hand, wanted to go a step farther for his official shot.

A role model for his fellow officers.

Instead of simply wearing his usual vest, Lees assisted Chico in putting together his perfect dress outfit. What’s more, Chico keeps himself clean and sets a good example for his fellow policemen.

“He also wore a tie for the shot,” the sheriff’s office commented beside the photo on Facebook.

And Chico’s coworkers at the sheriff’s office can vouch for how hard he works:

“Chico is a German shepherd,” says the narrator. He’s five and a half years old. He’s spent around four and a half years with the OCSO. He’s a narcotics K9 as well as a patrol dog. ”

Chico enjoys dressing up in unusual ways.

Chico is more than simply a patrol officer or a narcotics sniffer. He’s also recognized for his community service and regularly acts as a department spokesdog during the holidays, dressed up in different outfits.

Chico goes all out for the holidays.

Wearing Santa hats, reindeer masks, and other holiday-themed attire is one example. Chico is known throughout the company as one of the workers who loves the holidays the most.

Chico is about more than just looking good.

Chico can also be seen wearing a more relaxed and laid-back outfit. When it’s time to go to work, the adorable dog goes about his business as usual.

K9 Chico is still doing his job.

Chico is one of a kind, and everyone loves him, except the crooks he helps catch. Chico continues to serve as a K9 police officer despite having just been diagnosed with a digestive illness.

Watch the video below to learn more about Chico, his health, and his commitment to keep performing his job.

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K9 enjoys dressing up for every holiday occasion
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