This dog was seen following the ambulance. You’ll be taken aback to you learn why

Dr. Igor Paiva Dias and his coworkers observed devotion and love in its truest form the other day while working at a hospital in Brazil. It radiated from the soul of Mandraque, a wonderful dog. When Mandraque’s owner, a local guy, had an illness, an ambulance was called to their house to transfer him to the hospital.

Mandraque was present and stood by while medics placed his owner into the van, refusing to leave his side.

Mandraque diligently followed the ambulance as it drove away.

When the ambulance got to the hospital, Mandraque was still in tow. The dog calmed down at the door just outside when his owner was brought inside.

But Mandraque didn’t wait long for his master.

Because dogs are not permitted in the hospital, the caregivers did the next best thing. When Mandraque’s condition improved, he was taken outside to be closer to his concerned dog.

“The dog sprang up and started kissing and loving his owner as soon as he spotted him on the bed,” Dias told The Dodo.

Thankfully, Mandraque’s master was cleared to leave the hospital after only a few hours. Mandraque refused to leave his side once again as he was placed into an ambulance for the voyage home.

“Mandraque refused to go into the ambulance, so the driver was told to drive slowly so the dog could follow,” Dias explained. “They finally arrived at their destination.”

Dias’ duty is to look after the patient’s overall health, so knowing that he had such a wonderful, caring pooch looking after his spirit when he needed it most was comforting.

Dias remarked, “It was quite emotional.” “The whole medical staff was shocked.”

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This dog was seen following the ambulance. You’ll be taken aback to you learn why
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