When two years later her dog was found, the owner assumed he had forgotten her

Debbie Petranck was terrified when her small pug-nosed terrier, Zeus, disappeared from his yard in Ocala, Florida. She searched the area and went to the town’s shelters in vain, but her beloved puppy was nowhere to be seen. The loss of Zeus made his owner so upset that he started putting “lost dog” ads in the local paper every week.

Debbie got an emergency message from the Friends of the Dearborn Animal Shelter after Zeus had been missing for over 24 months. She froze in shock when she learned that her beloved tiny puppy had been located, and that it was nearly 1,000 miles away in Detroit! Debbie jumped in her car and headed straight to the shelter to pick up her kid!

Supposedly, Zeus was living with a man who had picked up the dog as a “stray” from the streets of Florida. The man eventually relocated to Michigan with Zeus, but the dog got loose and ended up in Detroit! He was finally taken in by a shelter nearby, and a check of his microchip showed that Debbie was his owner!

Debbie was ecstatic to locate her beloved baby, but by the time she went to the shelter, she was a worried mess. She was terrified that Zeus might fail to recognize her after such a long time. But the moment Zeus saw his passionate mother, he sprang to his feet and raced to hug her!

The reunion of Zeus and Debbie is one of the most touching scenes we’ve seen in a long time! This is why microchipping a pet has become so important in recent years. This happy ending provides hope to many other pet owners who are still searching for their missing dogs.

Watch Zeus and Debbie’s joyous reunion after two terrible years apart in the video below!

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When two years later her dog was found, the owner assumed he had forgotten her
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