When rescuers found a deaf hiker who had fallen 300 feet, she wasn’t alone

Amelia Milling, a deaf woman from Tennessee, doesn’t back down from a challenge. While most of her peers her age choose to stay at home and play with their iPhones, she prefers to go on adventures. So she set out on a 3-day journey in Alaska, one of North America’s most difficult regions.

Sadly, she lost her balance and tumbled down the side of a snowy mountain in Alaska while climbing alone. She dropped almost 300 feet before colliding with a boulder and sliding another 300 feet. Thankfully, she did not break anything and was still able to walk. Amelia even encountered a “guardian angel” in the form of Nanook, a white Alaskan husky puppy.

She initially mistook it for a white wolf. Amelia was concerned since wolves have been known to harm people. When the white dog got closer, Amelie noticed that it was wearing a collar. He is a mountainous trail guide dog who searches for missing hikers and returns them to the route.

“I mistook Nanook for a wolf when I first met him.” Then I noticed the little collar and understood he had come to assist me. ”

Nanook didn’t go; instead, he assisted Amelia in retracing her steps and remained with her all day. When she failed to traverse the frigid waters of Eagle River Crossing, he even hauled her out of the river by her backpack strap.

“As he met me in the morning when I opened my tent, I understood he was genuinely remaining with me,” Amelia added. “He’d spent the entire night with me.” He also provided extra assistance.

Amelia had a GPS transmitter that she could use to transmit the signal in the event of an emergency, and she eventually chose to use it for help. The local rescue agency, Alaska State Troopers, picked up the signal, and a rescue chopper came to fly her to safety, with Nanook at her side.

Despite the fact that the rescuers assisted her in returning home, she maintains that Nanook is her actual hero. I think the dog is a protector angel. I told him I loved him and that I would never forget him.

Listen to Amelia’s tale with Nanook in this video:

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When rescuers found a deaf hiker who had fallen 300 feet, she wasn’t alone
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