A brave dog and firefighters team up to save her pups from a drain hole

One mom dog shows that not all heroes wear capes. She worked hard to save her puppies, who were stuck in the drainage canal, with the help of the firefighters.

The event occurred in the Turkish province of Mugla, in the town of Bodrum. When a resident named Erhan Erol noticed the puppies stranded in the hole, he called the firemen. The ocean was steadily filling the hole.

When the firefighters arrived, they first stopped the rising water. They then attempted to reach the puppies . However, they were unable to do anything.

They looked around, feeling helpless. They noticed a mother puppy suckling another puppy nearby. The puppy appeared to be identical to the other puppies trapped in the hole. So they summoned Mama Dog to assist them.

They chose the mom dog and lowered her into the hole. She was able to choose her babies out when they dropped the mother dog into the hole. She carefully scooped up the puppies in her jaws one by one and pulled them to safety. The heroic mother was also recorded assisting the firefighters in gathering up the puppies.

Many individuals gathered to observe the scene. Every time mom pulled a puppy up to safety, the crowd applauded. The rescue operation lasted an hour.

The puppies were safely removed from the drain hole within one hour. They had been reunited with their mom.

The mother dog and the firemen truly saved the puppies’ lives. Locals welcomed them as heroes.

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A brave dog and firefighters team up to save her pups from a drain hole
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