A girl adopts a sick dog despite knowing he will pass away and makes his final days special

We’ve all witnessed a lot of rescue stories. They always touch our hearts, and this one is no exception. Please welcome Sophiane and Hippo to their narrative.

Despite the fact that this stray dog was beyond assistance, Sophiane Nacer wanted to offer him the best “end of days” possible. She assured Hippo, an elderly stray with tumors all over his body, that once he passed, he would only know love.

“Even if it was just for a day,” Sophiane, the 19-year-old owner of Cayleb’s Kindred Senior Dog Rescue, informed TODAY, Hippo would have the happiest final day ever.

Sohphiane welcomed Hippo after he had been in the shelter for 5 days. Because the dog was in so much pain, his skin was extremely sensitive to things. Sophiane wasn’t sure whether Hippo could feel anything at all because he was in so much pain.

When she saw his tail wag, she was thrilled. The sick canine was still hopeful. Before leaving this planet, he struggled to find out what love and joy were. Sophiane brought Hippo to Starbucks and bought him a Puppuccino, the chain’s special menu item that dogs love, which is essentially a cup loaded with delicious whipped cream. Hippo was still in a good mood the next day, so Sophiane brought him to a dog park where he might feel some pleasure. He was having a great time! But then he had a message for Sophiane.

While tired and optimistic, the elderly dog had some information to share with his absolute favorite buddy. He was all set to leave. He was happy to have the opportunity to spend time with Sophiane, but he was exhausted and in pain, and it was time to say good-by. Sophiane had a Veterinary Eut.h.a.nasia Specialist visit her house after the dog park. At his last dinner, the vet expert handed him a roasted chicken stuffed with sedatives. He ate his last meal as gently as he could next to Sophiane, and then he fell into a sleep that he could not wake up from.

The video below will break your heart, so make sure you watch it all the way through!

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A girl adopts a sick dog despite knowing he will pass away and makes his final days special
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