Funny video! The persistent baby elephant will not stop attempting to wake up the sleeping dog

Have you ever been so exhausted that nothing could awaken you from your slumber? That’s how this doggo looks in this video. A family on holiday in Thailand recorded an elephant calf trying to wake up a napping dog, and the video has now gone viral.

The little creature simply wants the sleeping canine to wake up so they may play.

Nothing, however, can make him wake up.

“Excuse me, fur baby, but it’s time to get up.”

One of the cutest things about this video is how at ease the dog seems around elephants. The video starts with a baby elephant wrapping its trunk around a napping pup.

As its trunk smashes through the surroundings, the elephant grows braver and bolder. Despite this, the small dog continues to sleep.

However, the calf isn’t dangerous for a dog.

Otherwise, it would be difficult for them to sleep again. This puppy has clearly spent a lot of time near elephants.

A person is also engaged.

A human begins gently grazing the dog with a long staff of grass while the young elephant continues to attempt to rouse the sleeping dog. This leads the dog to awaken from its nap and scratch itself somewhat. However, after a nice scratch, it goes back to sleep.

One has to wonder what the dog is thinking at this moment.

They have a person prodding at them with a long piece of grass, a noisy rooster, and a young elephant that won’t leave them alone. The unlucky doggie must believe that all other living creatures are a bunch of irritating jerks that won’t let them sleep.

So, what exactly does the calf desire?

Viewers witnessing this exchange are only left to speculate on the elephant’s motivations.

Perhaps the two animals are pals who love exploring together while the dog is awake. Perhaps the tiny elephant child was hoping that the dog would wake up soon so that they could go on another expedition together.

Everyone adores this charming video.

Les Ambitieux shared a video of this encounter on YouTube. It has subsequently gone viral. 5.7 million people have seen the baby elephant attempting to wake up this dog.

Many viewers were prompted to post comments on the video as well.

“Perhaps the doggo had an important event that day.” That’s why it set a rooster and an animal alarm and is still trying to wake up,” one user wrote.

“Dog is saying, “that’s OK, while all three of you are attempting to sleep, I’ll be howling my head off..woof woof,” another user commented.

“You know you’re weary when a young elephant, a blade of grass touching your ear, and a crowing rooster can’t wake you up,” one user said.

This poor doggo had a lot of things that got in the way of their sleep, including elephants and humans. Let’s hope they’ve got a chance to have a good, long snooze.

In the video below, you can see a charming interruption of this sleepy doggo’s snooze.

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Funny video! The persistent baby elephant will not stop attempting to wake up the sleeping dog
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