The cutest thing you will see today! When a mom scolds her daughter, a loyal dog always protects her

A footage of a golden retriever shielding a young kid from her mom’s scolding has gone viral.

The youngster grew up in Harry’s presence, and the two built a strong attachment.

Ms. Sun, the mother, was unhappy when she discovered her new face cream had been pulled off and used as a play.

“To be honest, I was heartbroken. ‘I just got this cream, and half of it is already gone, “said Ms. Sun, 32. “My baby started screaming because I shouted at her quite loudly.”

As a result, Harry moved between the two to separate the weeping girl from her mother.

He also appeared to roar at Miss Sun in an attempt to persuade her to back down. It was ‘funny and furious at the same time,’ she claimed.

Ms. Sun stated her rage ‘disappeared’ the moment Harry entered the room.

Harry even wrapped his arm around the grieving girl’s shoulder to console her.
“I’m still irritated, but I think it’s fairly amusing.” Ms. Sun said, “It was touching.” If you treat your dog well, he will find ways to express your love. ”

This is obviously not the first time Harry has stood up for his tiny companion.

“Whenever we spoke to her angrily, he would come over and attempt to cover her with his paw,” the mother explained. “He will risk his life to defend the child.”