To rescue the old Husky from drowning in the pool, the Amazon delivery driver leaps in the water

We have heard countless stories over the years about hero dogs who risked everything, even their own lives, to save people in dangerous, life-threatening situations.

However, sometimes the table gets turned upside down and we are forced to step onto the plate within hours of need, and that’s what happened last month.

Amazon employee John Cassabria was making deliveries one afternoon in Woburn, Massachusetts, when he heard a strange noise.

The young guy was going about his daily routine when he heard a peculiar noise that he couldn’t place.

Cassabria described it as “like a whistle and a howl — like the way the wind howled through a tree limb.”

Cassabria went to explore, unable to suppress his interest. He was shortly escorted to a home with a fence around it. After a closer look, he discovers the source of the weird sounds: a drowning dog in a swimming pool in serious need of assistance.

Luka, a 14-year-old husky who entered the pool when its bones became stuck in the pool suction, is unknown to John. The elder dog is also having issues with its feet, which have been submerged for a long period and are now straining to keep afloat.

When John was alerted, he leapt over the fence and into the pool, his wallet and phone still in his pocket and his shoes on!

“All I can think about is getting it out of the water and making sure it’s safe,” John, who has four dogs, says he had a single mind at the time.

Thankfully, John was able to bring Luka on dry ground, but the dog is clearly shaking and terrified.

“He doesn’t need me to leave him,” says the narrator. He would nudge me or slap me with his foot every time I stood up, so I stayed with him the entire time.

After that, John phoned animal control and waited for an hour and a half for the dog to arrive. The incoming police officer happened to be a neighbor of Lukas’ owners, so he called them to tell them what had transpired.

Lukas’ mother, Julie, had just returned from vacation and had arranged for a babysitter to look after the elderly dog, but he got himself into trouble before they came.

Fortunately, John has arrived at the appropriate location and at the appropriate moment to save the miserable puppy.

Needless to say, John’s brave acts were much appreciated by the Luka family. The modest guy, on the other hand, acknowledged to struggling to perceive himself as anything more than an average person.

He said that every other dog owner would do the same thing, and while he may be correct, he remains a hero in our eyes!

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To rescue the old Husky from drowning in the pool, the Amazon delivery driver leaps in the water
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