When the vet saw a dog with a blown off snout and a crushed jaw, he suggested that they put him down, but the girl refused. Here is what they did

There will undoubtedly be fireworks, with different celebrations in full flow. There will always be some. But, as much as we enjoy fireworks as a means of celebration, we sometimes hate them because they are loud and hazardous.

Fireworks frighten many animals, hurt those who mishandle them, and cause PTSD in many humans.

There’s no reason to be surprised that more and more people think fireworks are too dangerous and inconvenient to have around.

When it comes to explosives and animals, things may go a lot worse than making them panic.

This sad story is about Braveheart, the dog whose snout was blasted off by explosives.

It appears to be as bleak as it sounds. When the act occurred, Braveheart was only a puppy. It ripped much of his jaw off and would have k.i.l.l.ed him.

It’s unclear how this occurred, and we hate to think whether it was done on purpose. Even though the original injury did not k.i.l.l. him, he was still in serious condition.

He lived, but with substantial medical care and pain.

He ended up in Tracy Lystra’s custody after being discovered by a guy in Sonora, Mexico. Tracy is the founder of the Saving Huey Foundation, which she established to care for another dog named Huey.

Tracy Lystra has expanded her views and utilized her platform to rescue other pets and help them find permanent homes.

Braveheart’s health would make things difficult. Tracy, in fact, had questioned the vet about whether they needed to put the dog down since they were taking care of it.

She couldn’t stand seeing the dog suffer unnecessarily, and we are sure many of us couldn’t either.

And how would the dog seal his mouth, eat, and drink if he didn’t have a jaw? There were cases when amputee dogs healed, but losing an entire jaw is a very different story.

However, it was discovered that it was feasible to give Braveheart a regular existence.

The puppy appeared to have a chance thanks to optimism and affection. Tracy was told by the veterinarian that he could construct a prosthetic jaw for Braveheart. Also, the loved dog might be able to live like a normal dog again after a little surgery and recovery.

In fact, Braveheart was so kind and loving that it was difficult to realize he had been through so much.

Tracy considered the dog’s bright, pleasant personality to be endearing.

Braveheart made a miraculous recovery after the procedure.

He couldn’t breathe or eat since he didn’t have a snout. It didn’t take long for him to return to his favorite activities: playing, socializing with people and other dogs, napping, and so much more.

You may even call it a miracle.
Braveheart still has to have a couple more procedures. With how much he’s suffered and how strong his spirit is, I believe he’ll be alright.

He currently spends his time at Tracy’s rescued dog shelter, waiting for his future home. Don’t be concerned, Braveheart. I’m confident you’ll find one!

Tracy and a veterinarian who believed in him were important for his life. His entire narrative is as wonderful as he is, and it’s well worth seeing.

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When the vet saw a dog with a blown off snout and a crushed jaw, he suggested that they put him down, but the girl refused. Here is what they did
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