He lay dying on the side of the road, yet his past would soon no longer haunt him

Alex was on the verge of giving up. He was very malnourished, dehydrated, and weary, and his wounds were infested with maggots.

He was on his deathbed.

The worst aspect was that he was trapped in a remote spot on the side of a road with no option of escaping on his own. He was trapped because he was wearing a collar with a lengthy chain. To make things worse, he was invisible from the road. He had a limited chance of being saved in time.

But little did he realize that his life was going to improve dramatically and that his past would no longer haunt him.

When washing and cleaning the area, a man called Alex (for whom Alex the pup is named) saw the fading pup. He quickly contacted the Feed Friends Foundation, a local animal charity, seeking assistance.

They decided to take him in and found him a wonderful foster home in Alle Hadoc to care for him while he recovered physically and psychologically.

He met other canines and kittens at his foster home who taught him the ropes and assisted him along the way. Alex was a wonderful dog that adored everyone and every animal he encountered.

As time passed, Alex started to heal from the inside out as well. The wounds on his body and the one on his heart were both healed.

He got a loving forever home after completely recovering and is currently enjoying his second shot at life!

In the video below, you can see his rescue and transformation:

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He lay dying on the side of the road, yet his past would soon no longer haunt him
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