The Chiness delivery man becomes a real hero after saving a poor puppy!

God created good people to aid others in need. These folks serve as guardian angels for someone who needs to be saved.

They have arrived at the appropriate location and time. That was the situation when a delivery guy stepped in just in time to rescue the life of a dog that was about to be strangled by an elevator.

In Hubei, China, a little white dog boarded an elevator while pulling a leash behind it. When the elevator doors closed, the leash became entangled, and the unfortunate pooch was pulled by the neck to the ceiling.

When the elevator stopped, the unfortunate dog was strangled by its collar all the way from the 22nd level.

As the elevator came to a halt, a guardian angel appeared and grasped the dog to assist it. The guardian angel worked as a delivery person. Despite the fact that seeing the dog in such a condition was rather upsetting, the delivery man did not hesitate to intervene.

The man assisted the dog by removing the leash. The dog was then returned to its owner. The spectacular rescue was captured on CCTV, and the video has gone viral. In just a few days, this video has received over 1.6 million views.

Everyone is celebrating and honoring the delivery man as a hero. We are grateful that the nice Samaritan saved the dog’s life.

Watch the amazing video of a rescue below!

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The Chiness delivery man becomes a real hero after saving a poor puppy!
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