After a week, airport personnel decided to open a strange wooden box to see what was inside! But they weren’t expecting to see this

An airport pickup package with multiple unfilled holes arrived unlabeled. Employees in the office forgot about the box and went about their business. It would be packed with other objects in similar condition since it lacked the proper identifiers. The container was about 16 inches tall and said merely that it was being sent to Syria.

The box was incorrectly labeled after a week of lying in a holding area. Finally, legal certification was obtained that airport staff had the power to open and inspect the container’s entire content. What they found almost shocked them.

Inside the package were three Siberian tigercats. Nobody knew how they had managed to exist for so long. Despite the fact that they hadn’t eaten or drunk anything in a week, all three of them hung on to life! “No one said the shipment contained tigers or any other living things, and there were no details about the sender or the recipient,” the animal rights group Animals Lebanon wrote on Facebook.

The three male kittens were aboard a flight from Ukraine and were scheduled to be sold to a Syrian zoo. Animals Lebanon urged that the tigers be relocated. A court of appeals found in their favor. The veterinarian said that their paw pads were dry and red from being covered with pee, and they had new sores on their rear legs and thighs.

The Siberian tigers required immediate assistance. On the black market, endangered animals are highly prized. People who wish to benefit from illegal trade may not be concerned about the welfare of the animals.

“They’re getting better, but they’re still in danger!” On the illegal market, large cats may fetch thousands of dollars. The owner is fightign.. to reclaim them, and we are trying for the tigers and the rule of law,” Animals Lebanon stated on Facebook.

The zoo refused to surrender the tigers to the rescue organization. Thankfully, the court decided in favor of the recovery team once more, allowing all three tigers to stay with them. “I appreciate all of your efforts in making this possible.”

The tigers have adapted well to their new surroundings. We’re overjoyed that they were discovered exactly when we needed them!