Depressed dog ,missing her mommy, breaks down when she video calls her..

Due to a work trip, a lady from Cape Town, South Africa, had to remain away from home for three weeks. She knew her beloved Chow Chow puppy would be in excellent hands with her loving daughter, so she left without hesitation. She had not anticipated her dog becoming so miserable without her!

Since Mom left, the dog has lost all of her vigor. She was not eating well and had stopped playing entirely. The frightened daughter did all she could to cheer up the dog, but nothing seemed to work. Finally, the tiny child pleaded with her mother to videocall the dog.

We observe the dog’s sorrowful response during her tearful video conversation with Mom in this video. The dog remains still on the sofa, watching Mom on the phone, and is soon struck with melancholy. Her eyes fill up with tears, and she lets out haunting groans as she tries to tell Mom how much she misses her!

Mom eventually recognizes the extent of her dog’s suffering and promises her that she will return soon. But the dog only looks at the phone, her heart pounding and tears streaming down her cheeks. What a poor puppy! We’re certain she and Mom will have a wonderful reunion when Mom returns home. Just a few more days, beautiful girl!

Watch the painful actions of the dog during her video conversation with Mom in the video below!

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Depressed dog ,missing her mommy, breaks down when she video calls her..
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