A lovely butterfly was witnessed making friends with this sweet lion

It’s hardly the type of friendship you’d expect to find in the African bush.

However, at a Botswana game reserve, a gentle lion was spotted interacting with a tiny butterfly.

The courageous butterfly comes in and rests on the lion’s paws while he is washing himself in the afternoon sunlight, and the lion looks to be extremely attracted by his new companion.

When Kobus Swart, 46, of Pretoria, South Africa, took the images, he was on a camp vacation with his wife and several friends.

“The lion was engrossed in a thorough grooming routine, bathing himself from head to toe.”

“A butterfly landed on his hand once as he was grooming it, probably looking for moisture.

“He’d been flying all around animal for several minutes, and it looked like he was looking for a safe place to rest.”

“It it was just for a couple seconds, and the lion seemed to be staring at it attentively.” He might have savored it in a single gulp.”

“He seemed truly upset when it went; it was as if they had created a very lovely relationship.”

“We were delighted to be able to see such a peaceful close-up lion encounter.”

“The lioness was fast sleeping the entire time, while the male was totally cleaning himself.” Over the preceding three days, they’d been seen and heard mating in the region, so he must have taken advantage of the chance to improve his look for his lady!”

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A lovely butterfly was witnessed making friends with this sweet lion
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