An incredible scene in which a wild bear cub and a dog are playing

A camera caught an exciting dog and a mischievous bear cub fighting on the ground. It was a very special moment.

Before sliding joyfully down the slope, the unexpected buddies will encounter each other.

In the photo above, you can see the curious cub weaving through the grass before coming up to the man taking the video and shaking his hand.

After being let out of the leash, a dog appeared out of nowhere and raced towards the cubs.

The couple finished swiftly, and the bear cub stood on its back legs before the two pals began wrestling.

The cub catches up to the puppy and wrestles it to the ground. Then they switch places, and the dog starts chasing the bear, which is a sight to see!

The gathering chuckled and watched the hilarious spectacle, and even though the bear was wild, it did not appear unusual to everyone.

None of the animals grew violent. The jovial tussling lasted only a few minutes before they parted ways and the bear wandered.

The youngster appears to be a juvenile brown bear, which is prevalent in the region.

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An incredible scene in which a wild bear cub and a dog are playing
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