A dog that went missing for days, finally returns with two unexpected friends

While out for his evening restroom break, a black Labrador Retriever delighted his family by bringing home five new best pals.

His human father, from Concordia, Kansas, captured the amusing moment he discovered Bo had some tag-alongs while searching for him. He said to ViralHog:

“My wife let our dog out of the home to use the restroom at 6 p.m. the night before and informed me that there was another white dog in our yard, and Bo bolted and did not return. We looked everywhere for him and couldn’t find him. We wanted to get home and wait for him, but he never returned.”

The next morning, he began to search for their dog in a field on the east side of the highway.

Bo’s father could see him sprinting in the field in the distance, but he wasn’t aloneā€”he had a white dog with him.

The three must have had an exciting night since they all quickly climbed into the vehicle as he laughedly added, “Get in the back and make yourselves at home.”

Watch the video below for the hilarious moment.