Tourists witness a rare rivalry between two lynxes, but when they slide down a car window, they simply can’t believe their ears

A Canada lynx in the wild is quite unusual. But to witness two of them doing this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Sarah Verney and her pals were traveling down a wooded road near Kokadjo, Maine, when they discovered the two mysterious cats at the center of the road. They spotted the two wild cats looking at each other and making the strangest sounds.

It looks like the two cats were in a territorial dispute and were “moaning and groaning” to determine who would triumph!

“This is a rare occurence of a stand off between two lynx that I was lucky enough to experience with my own eyes!” Verney commented. Definitely once in a lifetime. ”

Maine is reported to be the only American state with a breeding population of 1,000 lynx.

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