A missing dog sees his father for the first time in 8 years! Their reunion is very emotional

Stevie Rodgers has experienced both the sadness of losing a pet and the delight of finding him years later. Stevie let his two dogs, Kavik and Konan, out into his Scottish yard in 2012.

Sadly, the dogs got away from him and ended up on a sheep farm.

The farmer ki.l.l.e.d Konan by sh.o.o.t.i.ng both dogs. Kavik was injured but managed to flee.

The te.r.rified and injured canine was nowhere to be found when Stevie and his family went looking for him.

Stevie and his family made every effort to track down Kavik. They combed the neighborhood and posted a notice on “Dog Lost”:

“Kavik is his daddy’s kid and may refuse to respond when called by someone else.” If you see him, please phone one of these numbers right away and tell them where you saw him. He’ll be frightened and may require medical assistance. Thank you kindly.”

Kavik’s family assumed he had passed away.

The family was already grieving the d.e.a.th of Konan, and they assumed Kavik had also pe.r.ished. He was alone and injured. He didn’t appear to have made it out alive.

The family received a phone call from Lost Dogs Scotland eight years later, saying that a dog matching Kavik’s appearance and characteristics had been sighted 300 miles away in Birmingham.

The German shepherd that was discovered matched Kavik’s description.
Staff at a Birmingham pet food store had discovered Kavik. He was freed and on the lookout for nourishment. Stevie was contacted after he was brought to a local dog shelter.

Stevie was overjoyed when he got the call.

He subsequently told Metro, “I honestly couldn’t believe it when I received the call that Kavik had been located.” “He was just 18 months old when he went missing, and despite months of searching, I had given up hope of ever seeing him again.”

Stevie flew to Birmingham as quickly as he could to pick up Kavik, even though he wasn’t sure whether it was actually him.

“In the morning, I got in the vehicle and drove all the way to Birmingham, still unsure if it was my boy.”

An emotional reunion occurs between Kavik and Stevie.

Stevie claimed that he recognized Kavik as soon as he came. Even after all these years, Kavik recognized Stevie as the one who had come for him.

“I immediately recognized him when I arrived, and I fell into tears.”

Consider yourself Kavik. You are forced to return to your home after a tragic incident. After years of struggle, you are finally reunited with your human, with your family members, and with those who adore you.

“He ran over to me and began licking me as if he’d only seen me yesterday.” It was a bittersweet reunion. I can’t believe he’s been gone for more than eight years, but he’s fit back in nicely,” Stevie told the Metro.

When Kavik went away, Stevie’s daughter Chloe was very little. She described herself as “speechless” upon his return.

“We put up posters all over the town, and when we couldn’t find him, I couldn’t stop weeping,” she explained. “But now they’re happy tears.” We’re all simply relieved that he’s back where he belongs. ”

Kavik has been reunited with his family after an eight-year separation, and everyone is relieved to have him back.

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A missing dog sees his father for the first time in 8 years! Their reunion is very emotional
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