For weeks, an elephant has been waiting for his injured dog BFF to return! Watch as they are reunited

We like insanely gorgeous friendships, and what could be more adorable than an elephant and a dog becoming best friends?

My two favorite animals are dogs and elephants, so witnessing them play together is like a dream.

Elephants are believed to be highly intelligent animals with outstanding social abilities. We all know how lovely and nice dogs are. So it only seems appropriate when an elephant and a dog become pals.

The Tennessee Elephant Reserve provides a secure habitat for ill and elderly female elephants to wander and live out their lives. There are currently 10 female elephants in the reserve, each with their own particular companion.

Tara, the 35-year-old elephant, however, has a bond with someone who is not like the other elephants. Bella, her puppy, is her best buddy.

The pair does everything together and adore one another. Nothing shows this more than Bella’s back injury, which requires her to rest in a treatment facility for three weeks.

Tara, the elephant, is waiting for her injured best buddy.

Tara couldn’t handle seeing her buddy suffer and refused to leave her. Tara stayed outside the treatment facility for 3 weeks instead of traveling throughout the 1800 acres. She waited for Bella to get well before going out to play.

After weeks of waiting, the couple was reunited. In the video below, you can see Bella being carried in by her best friend. Animals are so incredible!

What a lovely tale of how the Tara elephant waited for his injured closest friend to recover. Do you have any stories of unusual friendships across various species? We’d love to hear your opinions, so please leave them in the space below.