A pit bull was about to be put down, but something magical happened that changed her life

Aimee the Pit Bull came to the Carson Animal Care Center in California when she was just six months old. She’d clearly been ignored to some extent. Her sick skin was peeling off in chunks, and she appeared to be in a lot of pain.

The shelter employees said that Aimee was one of the “nicest” dogs they had ever encountered. The loud, worried barks of the other fearful animals, however, clearly prompted Aimee’s concern. Even after receiving therapy for her skin issue, Aimee grew to feel that an “ugly” dog like her would never be adopted.

As Aimee’s time on the d.e.a.t.h list neared, the staff worked harder to ensure that this dejected young girl had a higher chance of adoption. They covered her in a bright blanket and photographed her for future use on social media. Even though she was in a happy place, many people noticed that Aimee’s face was sad and downcast in the photo.

Aimee was adopted by a family that met her at the rescue! Her new family has given her the name Phoenix, which represents a new start in life. Phoenix looks to be the happiest girl in the video, as she departs the shelter and heads to her new home.

You’ll want to watch the video below for the extremely touching finale. Make sure to watch till the very end, and have fun!